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Wedding Cookies and Cake Pops



Cookies and Cake Pops are becoming increasingly popular and make lovely wedding favours. We offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes and all cookies and cake pops are designed and decorated to suit your special day.

Cookies are freshly baked and made with only the finest ingredients. Choose from classic vanilla dough or delicious gingerbread.

Cake pops are freshly baked and decorated, and cake flavours available include vanilla, dark chocolate or white chocolate

Cookies and Cake Pops can be individually wrapped in clear bags and tied with ribbon on request.


  • Black Lace Cake Pops

    Cake Pop for the Bride

    Cake Pop for the Groom

  • Champagne Cookie


    Dotty Daisy cookie

  • Flower Power Cake Pops

    Heart Cake

    Hearts and Flowers cookie

  • Hearts Cake Pops

    Jewels and Flowers Cookies

    Mini Heart Cookies

  • Pink Rose Cake Pop

    Purple Heart Cookies

    Rainbow Cake Pops

  • Rose Cake Pop

    Sparkly Wedding Cake Pops

    Stacked Heart Cookies

  • Dotty Daisy Cake Pop

    Golden Star Cookie