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Design Service

All cakes are bespoke and made to order. We can either design something new or you can choose a design from our gallery. If you decide to choose a design from our gallery we can, change colours and flowers to compliment any theme that you may be having at your celebration.


Consultations and cake tasting

Consultations are by appointment only. Cake tasting samples will be provided at the consultation, or they can be mailed to you. 


Allergies and Special Dietary Requirements


Our fruit and carrot cakes contain nuts as an ingredient. All of our other flavours do not contain nuts as an ingredient except for the almond butter cream. However, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients that we use are not contaminated at source. If you have a nut allergy, please contact me personally to discuss your requirements.

Wheat free:

We can make wheat-free cakes. Fruitcake, carrot cake and rich chocolate cake work best with the wheat free flour.


Our fruitcakes are made with brandy, but we can also make them alcohol-free if required.

Dairy Free:

Dairy-free cakes are also available. Please call to discuss your requirements.


Lead Times

We ask for 3 months notice when ordering wedding cakes, and 1 month for other celebrations, however depending on our schedule, we may be able to accept orders at shorter notice.


Cake Design Alterations

Design alterations can be made up to but no later than 1 month before collection/delivery. If the alteration affects the cost then your balance will be adjusted accordingly.



Delivery to any address within 10 miles of Cake! is free. Delivery charges for other destinations are available on request. If you choose delivery, we will liaise with the banqueting team at the venue regarding timings and set up. All cakes can be collected from our North Leeds base. Please note that if the cake is collected, the full responsibility for the safety of the cake is with the client and Cake! will not responsible for any damage to the cake that may occur after it has left our premises.

The possibility also exists that we may be unable to deliver your cake due to adverse or freak weather conditions such as snow or floods and that these conditions may make your venue inaccessible. We strongly recommend that you purchase wedding insurance to cover yourselves for this eventuality.


Cakes decorated with fresh flowers

If your cake design requires fresh flowers, your florist will supply these. We can liaise directly with your florist regarding the specific floral requirements and we will decorate the cake with the flowers on site if required.

NB. Please note some flowers are not suitable for use as a cake decoration. Ask your florist for details regarding toxicity. We cannot be liable for any contamination to our food product that may arise from their misuse.


Cakes decorated with non-edible materials

The use of non-edible materials for cake decoration is increasingly popular. Please note that the 'craft jewels' and accessories such as brooches, ribbons, silk flowers, diamantes, beads, feathers, etc. that are used to decorate some cakes are not edible and must be removed from your cake before serving. All of our decorative gems and accessories are only used at the clients request and Cake! accepts no responsibility for any physical harm that may arise from their use.