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About Us

I set up Cake! in 2009 designing and making celebration cakes. The business grew out of my background in art and design along with my love for baking. Initially designing and baking birthday cakes for my own young children, I soon became popular with other parents and news of my creations spread. As I was asked to create ever more weird and wonderful designs I was also asked to make wedding cakes and Cake! became the business it is today.

All of the designs in our picture gallery are bespoke and although you are free to choose one of these cake designs I am also happy to design a cake based on your own design or brief. 

Cake! is based in North Leeds, Yorkshire and is a home-based business with a LCC Hygiene 4 star-rating.

For Wedding cake clients I am happy to arrange a wedding consultation and tasting either here or in your own home. Or if you would like to use one of the designs on my website, I can mail you some cake samples for you to try. To arrange a consultation, please contact me on 07564 519691 or email .